10.17.2020 - It's been a while since we posted something but we've been making the rounds; played in Newark at the Somewhere Else Bar, it was a benefit for the Enlow family and we played in Canal Winchester at The Ugly Mug for the Fisher House Benefit sponsored by Combat Vets....both gigs were for great causes and had us in those locations for the first time, can't wait to go back; We also had a first time gig at the RNR Bar in Hilliard and got to play last Saturday at Fender's in Lewis Center; not quite as busy as last year but we are so glad to be playing live music for y'all, especially in this challenging time; we know the club owners are doing their best to keep things open, safe and fun for all; we appreciate them and we appreciate you coming out to see us;

Halloween at Double Barrel is coming up....Don't Miss It! We have a couple new songs worked up just to keep up the appropriate theme.....We also got a couple of gigs in November, so come and see us at The Last Call in Dublin or back at Fender's on Thanksgiving weekend; Halloween and Thanksgiving, looks like we might need to do Christmas and New Years Eve, just to keep up the good trend! Check our Facebook page or the live shows list on this website for updates....


8.22.2020 - Double Barrel Bar was jumping! ....great crowd, great staff, great music and a whole lot of fun! The early start time didn’t dampen any spirits and boy there were plenty of spirits to be had. Posts from that evening said it was the best revenue night they have had since they opened and we’re glad we could be a part of it. They are having us back for Halloween, so get dressed up, get ready to dance and come on out to see us.....I’m planning to dress as Ariel, Ariel is dressing as Neal Peart, or maybe he said he was going to play like Neal Peart, Kevin is dressing as a member of the witness protection program and Tom is going to wear a cowboy hat, just a cowboy hat; gonna be a good time, so don’t miss it!

7.19.2020 - We were back at it again last night; Big thank you to Landa Jo for having us out to her place in Plain City; people all around Columbus, ya need to check out this place, great food, good place for live music, dancing and of course, cold beverages; thanks again to Landa Jo, Ian and the whole staff, they took great care of us! Glad to see y’all there enjoying the sounds of Whiskey Would.

7.5.2020 - Hey Y’all....we had a fantastic time at Rip Rap Roadhouse on Wednesday, July 1st. As it turns out, the last live music at Bike Night until further notice; the crowd was great and very respectful and we appreciate that; thanks to Jason and the great staff; we can’t wait to be back playing music there again! Please check the website for updates, gigs are starting to book and we are filling up our calendar; hope to see you out there listening to our brand of classic rock and country!



Finely distilled rock and country with a smokey blues and jazz aftertaste


Whether we perform in a tavern, festival or private event, Whiskey Would will bring the top shelf down to serve.  At the end of a day, there are few things as rewarding as entertaining a crowd with music that we all can feel. Every night is an experience of its own as the band and the audience have a great time together. Let's get the party started. 

We look forward to raising a glass with you soon!

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